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Western Steam Commercial Services

Post-Construction Clean-up & Janitorial Services

For your convenience, Western Steam can provide these cleaning services alone or bundled:
  • Specialized Commercial and Industrial Cleaning
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services: Floors, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, window cleaning including frames and blinds, bathrooms, desks, tables, chairs, waste removal, etc.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Flood & Fire Restoration
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning – patented low volume saturation
  • Tile & Grout-Waxing & Polishing
  • Power-steam
  • Duct Cleaning
Big jobs necessitate skilled janitorial service workers, time-management, quality assurance, management expertise and Western Steam delivers.

The transition from start to finish is a lengthy process. We listen and cooperate with Developers, Site-Supervisors and Project Managers because site development may incur an occasional change to the work-order and we understand that.
Our specialized workforce is backed by well-trained site supervisors, efficient management, and an effective communication process. 

Western Steam is experienced in post-construction clean-up and janitorial cleaning for large and small scale projects serving Southwestern Ontario. This includes new, multi-unit construction, schools, retirement homes and commercial space e.g. office, retail, restaurants, refurbishments, and so forth within Southwestern (Toronto to Windsor) corridor.

Western Steam is bonded, insured and adheres to safety regulations.

So, what about the finished product? A clean you can be proud of when showcasing your workmanship on Grand-Opening day!
Duct Cleaning
Indoor pollution affects your health.  We live in a climate that keeps us indoors for most of the year. Call Western Steam for your duct cleaning needs and experience the difference.

New Homes
It’s unfortunate, but drywall dust, debris and building products can and will fall into the venting systems of new homes.  It’s recommended that you clean your duct work before or when you move into your new home to get that extra clean and to protect your HVAC system investment by unblocking air-flow. We offer new-home builders special pricing on account.

Older Homes and Business:
Overtime, your ducts get a concentrated build-up of fuel by-products.  This build-up can trap contaminants that are later released into the air you breathe.  Mold spores can be released and recycled through your home, especially if the home has excessive moisture. We have extracted some strange things from duct work over the years including office supplies, dead rodents, toys and clothing. Removing these obstructions may improve ductwork air-flow and might aid in overall furnace efficiency.

Commercial, Industrial and Residential:

Fire hazard prevention starts with cleaning ductwork as part of your scheduled routine maintenance plan.  Lint can accumulate in exhaust venting to act as a fire ignition point. Call us today and book your Duct Cleaning with Western Steam.

You will often get the same, trained, uniformed technician because we don’t rush through jobs to get to the next job. This personalized approach in doing business is only one of the many reasons we keep our customers calling us again and again.  Western Steam does not charge more for extra air vent (registers) or have a minimum vent requirement in our pricing. We offer sanitizer or deodorizer and furnace equipment cleaning, too.

Other advantages of calling Western Steam for your Duct Cleaning include:  A certified, experienced technician and “all-in” pricing means you will not get hidden or extra charges.
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Twenty Years’ Experience Serving Southwestern Ontario
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